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iLBS Co., Ltd. is a leader in the ubiquitous world.

Indoor Location-based services, smart watch, a stable life in various fields such as communication services, offering new things.

Field of business: Smart watch, Indoor LBS, Embedded S/W & H/W Development

Smart watch

Self-IoT(Internet of Things) based smart watch that has personal authentication, personal scheduling management, warning dangerous action, also can be used as a personal activity black-box able to send data to supervisor/protector

Smart watch
Access control remotely verify the workers location and status at the industrial site such as factory, warehouse.
Living safety crisis protect the old, infirm and child from living safety crisis by checking the individual actions in indoor.
User authentication user verification service for a smart car, doorlock, restricted area, using a certain device.

Indoor LBS

Indoor self-IoT and location-aware service between user device(smart phone, PAAR watch, etc.) and indoor device.

Indoor LBS
Smart office, Smart house
IoT Chatting User can check the status(ON or OFF) of gas stove in the house from outside(office)
Attendance user can find out the attendance inside the office from outside

Embedded S/W & H/W Development

iLBS’s develops the product based on reference models and services

Development Environment of Ubinos Platform

Main product

PAAR Watch

PAAR Watch image
Personal activity and assisting watch, a watch type that records and analyzes the wearer’s life logging data and provides the user with various alarms and services


SLiM HUB image
A device that work as a stationary node in every unit space(room, kitchen, office, etc.) for indoor location based service. Supports diverse wire/wireless communication protocols, shares messages by interacting with many mobile devices, shares computer resources(printer, etc.), works as the core role in intelligent smart office services.

Smart Pill Reminder

Smart Pill Reminder image
Guarantees flexible connections through handover between mobile nodes such as smart phone, by using the predefined condition works as a publisher/subscriber type real-time self-organizing message broker device.

Cooperative companies

  • CSOS
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