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PAAR Watch

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Product features

  • The service’s operating structure focuses on minimizing the user’s intervention (zero-configuration)
  • Additional modules can be loaded using the external port
  • Provides gesture recognition and voice recognition
  • Offers various services through interoperation with general smartphones (Android, iPhone)
  • Significant power reduction by applying the low power technology(1 month/1 recharging)

Product supporting services

  • Health Data measuring service : Automatically saves the health Data in the watch through exchanging ID with healthcare machines(ex. blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, etc…)
  • Messaging service : By interoperating with a smart device (Smartphone, Smartpad, etc...), able to alarm and display SMS arrival information
  • Context-aware service : Recording and analyzing user’s current motion and location by using an embedded gyroscope and accelerometer sensor. (ex : hand tremble, walking state, exercise posture, etc...)
  • Schedule notification service : Through interoperation with a smart device, it is possible to manage user’s s chedule and alert the user at a scheduled time
  • Personal activity recording and alerting service : Automatically records user’s activities (returning home, sleeping, eating, etc...)and detects user’s abnormal behaviors. Analyzes and alert user’s life style and pattern.
  • Additional service : sending voice message and playing, embedded blood sugar measuring device (optional)

Application fields

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Product specification

  • Product specification
    Classification Spec.
    Product Size / Weight 53 x 38 x 13(mm) / 24g
    Display 1.28inch 128x128 LCD
    MCU Cortex-M3 based 32-bit processor
    Operating System Ubinos
    Wireless Communication Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
    Battery 280mAh Lithium Polymer
    Etc. LED, Two buttons, Vibrating motor, External module interface