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Product features

  • Location anchor node that represents the unit space in indoor locationing based service infrastructure
  • Supports various wire/wireless communication protocols
  • Provides indoor locationing service by applying real-time location recognition technology
  • Service searching and matching operation through neighbor node searching
  • IoT(Internet of Thing) Messaging Hub
  • Provides personal or group self-recognizing service
  • Provides asynchronous push/pull service that supports location based delay tolerance (post-it concept is imposed)(ex. sending/receiving voice or multimedia message)

Product supporting services

  • Area locationning based asynchronous messaging service : Sends text, voice or multimedia message by interoperating with PAAR watch or smart devices(smart phones, smart pad)
  • Asynchronous push/pull messaging service : Sends push message if PAAR watch or smart devices (smart phones, smart pad) exists nearby
  • Real-time streaming : Various real-time data such as text, voice, sensor data, etc… streaming service with cooperation between nodes not by central or external control
  • Broadcasting service : Real-time selective broadcasting at certain area / certain customer’s location

Product specification

  • Product specification
    Classification Spec.
    Product Size Case : 130 X 60(mm)
    board : 60 X 60(mm)
    MCU ARM Cortex A9
    Operating System Linux(Ubuntu)
    External port USB 2.0 3port
    Wire Communication Ethernet
    Wireless Communication Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth 4.0(Classic, Low Energy)