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Smart Pill Reminder

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Product supporting services

  • Direct usage of medicine packets from a pharmacy : This is convenient to users because they can just use the medicine packets from a pharmacy with out putting the medicine in the particular container
  • Medicine notification : Smart Pill-Reminder notifies and to alert the patient when it is time to take a medicine through personal identification device(PAAR watch) or SMS. It also sends the medication time through SMS to guardian or supervisor (doctor, pharmacist, etc…)
  • User Identification(verification) : Prevents the misuses of medication by checking the ID of the personal identification device and discharging the medicine to the user (patient) whom is registered at the Smart Pill-Reminder
  • Dosage management : Verifies the medication by recording the scene of the user taking the medicine and sending the video to the supervisor(doctor, pharmacist, etc…)
  • Additional service : Alarm clock, MP3 player function will be updated

Products Specifications

  • Products Specifications
    Classification Spec.
    Product Size 20.5 x 18 x 29(cm) (for two) / 12 x 18 x 29(cm) (for one)
    Display Touch Color 3.2 inch TFT LCD
    Operating System Ubinos
    Wired Communication Ethernet (TCP/IP)
    Wireless Communication Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
    Power 5V / 2A
    Etc. Store the amount of medicine Over 40day
    (4 pill in a medicine pocket)
    Over 120 medicine pocket